All the lamb

This evening I cooked a lamb shoulder as a birthday meal for my brother. I was very impressed with the result, then I think it helped starting from a fairly awesome bit of meat.

I’m using a more tag to try and stop photos of meat offending anyone’s eyes who are not expecting them.

The meat I started with

The meat I started with

For Christmas my sister got me a ginger pig butchery course voucher, having done the beef course last year I decided on lamb this year. It just so happened that the date of the course I booked was just before my brother’s birthday. So as I was hoping I’d end up coming home with something too big for just me I invited him round for a birthday meal.

What I like most about this lamb shoulder (which they also left some of the neck attached to to give us extra meat) is that I did the de-boning myself. The bones came out fairly clean but not perfect. At the back of the photo you can just see the cuts where the knife I was using came through the skin, so room for improvement there from me. I’ve already got a really nice knife and after chatting to the two butchers running the ginger pig course think I’ve been persuaded to see if my local butcher will sell me a similar bit of meat so I can have another go.  I also want to buy one of the gloves they give you for knife work on the ginger pig course as my hand control isn’t always perfect! Might also be quite good for peeling spuds for me too, as I seem to have a stupid habit of managing to slight peel at least one of my fingers. I did avoid any finger peeling this time round though.

After cooking for four hours

After cooking for four hours

So following a bit of the recipe card and a bit of what I could remember being told whilst at the ginger pig I seared the meat and then cooked for 4 hours. (at a fairly low 150 degrees Celsius, in a foil tent as the casserole dish wasn’t big enough). Not having any bones left in it, it really was just a lump of edible meat, not only that it was a stunning bit of meat.

This does raise a big question now though Lamb or Beef for when I invite all my friends round for a meal?

Even Felix got a go

Even Felix got a go

Felix enjoyed cleaning up some of the crumbs. He’d been pestering since I started cooking that he could smell good meat and wanted some, so once I’d put the main chunk of left over meat in the fridge on a sensible plate how could I resist letting him try some? I was too slow with my phone to get him standing on the dish as he was eating the crumbs, but he certainly enjoyed himself and gave up before they were all gone.

As part of weight management at work I start another carb free week tomorrow, so I might have enjoyed slightly too much birthday cake. But back to being angelic about logging and trying to hit my diet macros tomorrow.

And if you ever get the chance do go on a ginger pig butchery course they are awesome you learn a lot, and they feed you, and they send you home with a stunning piece of meat.

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