New timetable

So today is the start of all Southeastern trains to/from Charing Cross not stopping at London Brigde so they claim. In fact it is a lie it is not all it is most and the pedantic side of me gets wound up by the fact they say all.

Being the geek that I am I discovered my train now comes straight from grove park and no longer is made of two trains that join at London Cannon Street. This meant I could watch out the back and see when it went down to Hayes they didn’t change the rolling stock on this service to the new hateful type.

As I want Charing Cross I have an abundance of trains. (In fact give I get the district or circle line once in town cannon street also works for me.) It is my friend’s who want Cannon street who seem to have a big gap in there options from the train before mine till the fourth one after it.

On top of all that there was the previous Cannon street train canceled this morning. My eyes told me at Eden Park there were very few if any seats left on that Cannon street service, can’t be certain it was none due to the speed it gets up to.

I think I shall do the Cannon Street people a favour and stay off their trains!

I did enjoy my adventure on Saturday though even if wind and a mast near the overhead power lines made me abort halfway through as from Eden Park I got to go to Victoria. I do like learning how all the train lines fit together.

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