What an odd morning…

I still can not quite believe this mornings set of events, but here goes.

I got to the platform at Eden Park early and as the Cannon Street train that is before my Charing Cross train pulled into the station I got a text from my friend James saying my train was starting from Clock House so I decided to jump on the Cannon Steet train to change at Clock House.

Then as I was getting on the train Peter who is normally on my train turned up at Eden Park. He had got a lift, but had been unable to jump out of the car in time so got dropped off for Eden Park instead.

Due to the good train karma I was having I decided to risk trying the tube.

I have never been on a tube that is full, but full of laughing commuters before. The driver of our train had a list of stations that should be open and closed and she gave us a commentary of list verses real life and eventually suggested she might throw her list away and take the stations as they come. At the same time she managed to be very apologetic, so when we had to not spot at South Kensington and end up in Earls Court instead I really didn’t mind.

Despite setting the date to yesterday when this all happened. I am posting the following morning and hoping for day two of bearable tube.

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