Thames Path – Teddington to Mortlake (Day One)

Me at Teddington Lock

The Start (Me)

Tom at Teddington Lock

The Start (Tom)

So as agreed Tom and I started our plan to walk some of the Thames Path this weekend.

Teddington seemed like a good place to start being the tidal limit of the Thames and we’re going downstream.

Today we got as far as Mortlake or more exactly we stopped today’s walk at the Ship pub in Mortlake.

According to the route I threw into Google Earth we did 7.1 miles, this upsets me slightly as Tom’s estimate was we’d done 7 miles and I thought it was less!

Going just after Thames flooding might not have been the best date to start again, but it wasn’t that bad and we only had to “ford” the Thames once……

Tom standing in the water across the path

We had to Ford the Thames

Okay in reality it looks like the Thames often flows over the path here, but it makes a fun photo!

It was quite an educational trip for instance I never knew there was a previous meridian line going thought the Old Deer Park.

I was also unaware that Richmond has a lock and some sluice gates.

7.1 miles seems a very respectable distance, but I am tempted to buy another pair of Brasher boots, as the boots I was walking in today are okay, but I loved my previous pair of Brasher boots mainly for the comfort.

The other thing we learnt is to check the engineering work information for the route home as well as the route to the start! We only started checking this once we got to the Ship pub and found there was much engineering work and on top of this many trains were delayed.

I’m already looking forward to part 2 which is two weeks today, which hopefully I’ll have new boots for!

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