Travel chaos

What an evening that was. So Iast night I got to a busy Charing Cross just gone five. The concourse being busy that early always sets alarm bells ringing. We were getting told no trains moving at Charing Cross, Cannon Street or London Bridge so to try Victoria.

First issue was escaping Charing Cross as more people tried to get in. Then both Villiers Street and Embankment tube were more rammed than I have ever seen before.

Once at Victoria it seems I was lucky to get of my tube train as they stopped allowing them to call at the station due to platform overcrowding.

Then getting over to the low number platforms at Victoria also took an age. Eventually an Orpington train was advertised from platform 4 so I was going to try that. Shame was once I got there no way anyone else was fitting on that train.

I was lucky and up came on platform 3 an Ashford International train first stop Bromley South which I got on and having already been on the platform got a seat.

Thankfully Dad was in when I rang and offered a lift rather than adding bus torture to the day as well.

In summary: Next time I am going to the pub

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