Vending machine texting

So I went to the classic car show at the NEC in Birmingham at the weekend. Which was an excellent day out. I do love advanced booking making first class affordable.

Being a geek what I found on the platform was what I had to try a vending machine that said I could pay by text (or cash). Despite having tons of loose change in my pocket I decided to see how pay by text worked.

So off I sent a text to the magic number with the magic code and the amount of credit wanted. A few seconds later the vending machine said cash credit 0.00 text credit 0.80 and I was able to procure my junk food.

They charge 15 pence for this pay by text game which if you’ve got no cash on you is not going to break the bank, but I did wonder if not having to handle cash makes it cheaper for them.

Sometimes the mobile networks are slow with texts so I wonder how it copes with that. I also wonder if a contactless card reader as well would be better still.

If we do ever move to a cash less society what else can I keep way too much of in my pockets?

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