Damp plaster board

So when I woke up this morning. I instantly noticed a smell and thought

I know that smell

but was unable to instantly place why.

So I had my shave and shower and then it came to me that smell is damp plaster board.

Having got some contacts in and put some lights on there was a noticeably dark patch of wall just above the airing cupboard door.

My instant assumption being the cold water tank must be leaking, as that is just above there. So I went up to the loft but couldn’t find any obvious problem, hence went for the belt and braces approach and turned off the mains water at the stop cock then drained the cold water tank.

Looks very much like I know what I am doing tonight now…..

At least it can not get any worse during the day, but I am desperate to fix it as no hot water doesn’t sound like ideal fun. Then at least worst case we have showers at work.

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