Orange (or everything everywhere) are evil

So I decided to ask Orange to unlock an iPhone. All they have to do to do this is give the IMEI number to apple for apple to put on their database as an unlocked phone. This was so I could move over to Vodafone.

When I was chasing them on the 5th of February I got this

Hello Mike,

The details were placed on to our data base on the 28th of January and the timescale would be up to 30 days.

As soon as the code has been generated and the handset unlocked you will be sent an email.

It took until Wednesday 6th March for them to send me the your iPhone is unlocked e-mail, given I’d already ported my number I’d chucked a diffrent SIM in the iPhone I was waiting for them to unlock anyway and was happily using it from the end of the week before.

Now O2 and Vodafone seem to be able to unlock an iPhone in a couple of days. I’ve got a nasty feeling Orange make it take ages on purpose as it should be so simple to automate this process.

I’d been an orange customer for ages, but this has ensured it will take a lot to ever convince me to go back to Orange or EE.

Whereas Vodafone have been brilliant so far, had to ring them up to ask for roaming was expecting the standard orange nightmare, but firstly I wasn’t on hold for ages (another of orange’s favourite games) and secondly the menu system made sense to navigate and the person who answered was efficient.

I’ll be sticking to Vodafone for a while I think. Oh the signal is also far better at home, and even if it wasn’t I’d have the option of sure signal.

I only have one nag with Vodafone which is the annoying little pop-up window that opens when I log into their website.

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