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Stupid SSD

Noooooooo! Shutting down my desktop and the stupid thing crashed so I forced a power off. On switching it back on it can’t find it’s SSD. So currently rather hoping on of the suggestions if leaving it powered up to … Continue reading

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What to do on a Sunday

Why of course what you do on a Sunday is re-create your dynamic web page to help motivate your diet and gym going weight loss. I used to have one of these and people kept telling me I should do … Continue reading

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18 Stone 13 Pounds

This morning is an exciting morning as the scales say I weigh 18 stone 13 pounds. There is something very nice about going down to the next band stone the bottom of 19 did seem to be taking forever! What … Continue reading

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It’s cold and I have another stupid idea

Yeah it’s freezing outside so everyone is wrapped up warm. So why is the train such an oven today? I have yet another one of my silly ideas as well as a temperature setting there should be a second thermostat … Continue reading

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I’ve been working on my fitness and started eating more healthily at the same time. On Friday I managed my first proper (i.e. not from knees plank) this has really made my week. There’s 2 more pounds to go to … Continue reading

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Orange (or everything everywhere) are evil

So I decided to ask Orange to unlock an iPhone. All they have to do to do this is give the IMEI number to apple for apple to put on their database as an unlocked phone. This was so I … Continue reading

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