Car fixing

I finally got round to doing something that has been nagging at me for ages this weekend and have changed the thermostat in my car.

I must thank the good people of the Volvo forums for firstly confirming my thoughts that the temp gauge should normally point straight up to 12 o’clock and not fall when driving on motorways.

They also gave some useful tips such as use a torx socket and don’t even try with a torx screwdriver.

When I’d finished my work and topped the cooling system back up I was eager to go test my car, but knowing I’d spilt a small amount of the old coolant and how it can make animals sick I gave the drive a good clean first!

Not trusting in my work I filled an old two litre bottle with water and set off keeping a good eye on the temperature gauge. I had of course let the car idle on the drive and get up to temperature that way hoping any air locks would show themselves. On my trip the temperature gauge didn’t budge from the 12 o’clock position and I carefully included some motorway driving on it as well.

I am told on of the things that over cooling does is cause over fuelling. I’m off on a two day trip to Belgium and France soon so am looking forward to seeing what the fuel consumption does there. I must admit I have been bad and not worked out the before fuel consumption, but thinking something was not working perfectly I was going for the rather not know method.

The other thing that has suddenly changed is I used to like the cabin heat dial in a certain position, but if I try and use the same position now it is fixed the car turns into an oven.

I do love fixing things myself the parts cost my about 30 quid and a local independent Volvo specialist wanted over 100 quid for the work. I do wish I had a garage with a two post ramp though! Might have to try one of the hire a ramp by hour places one day, but if I do make a boo boo would rather do it with my car on my drive and not somewhere that charges per hour.

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