Nerd weekend

Firstly I have managed finally to get stomp working to connect to one of the network rail data feeds. Currently I am just going to log the data for my train into work in the morning to get a better idea of what the data means. My slightly crazy long term goal for the data is to write a which platform will I arrive at app. I like to stand up fairly early pulling into Charing Cross and get upset when we change to a platform meaning I am at the wrong door side!

I’d also like to look at tying the Network Rail data into some crowd sourced data. I reckon there is some good train running info to be gained in this way, but it’s going to take some time to understand the data enough to make it work.

Secondly my Arduino nano based circuit that detects soil water content has been built! Unlike the last circuit I built didn’t let the magic smoke escape from the micro controller as soon as I set it up. The longer term idea here is to use a raspberry pi, but given my previous destroying of an Arduino I am not going to risk my Pi until I am fairly sure of my circuit idea. All it does currently is turn on a 12 volt light up switch via a FET driven from one of the arduino’s output lines. (Much thanks to I am currently waiting for my soil moisture sensor (home brew) to dry out to get a minimum value for soil moisture.

Thirdly I installed Linux on my computer at last. This makes it somewhat easier to play with developing in Linux as I no longer am relying on SSH sessions. That said it’s still damn nice to have access to a mini server at memset as I really don’t want an always on server in my bedroom!

Feeling rather motivated right now will try and turn this into at least two gym sessions this week. Do have the dentist on Wednesday though so fingers crossed that’s not too scary, painful or expensive!

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