Raspberry Pi

First time I tried using my Raspberry Pi I saw lots of warnings it was not happy with the old SD card which I had just found lying about before it gave up trying to work at all. I ordered a new SD card from RS late last week and am happy to say whilst I was at work the post man put it through my door.

After convincing my stupid Windows box it could see it’s built in SD card slot and installing an image on said SD card I tried my Pi again. I am happy to report with a modern non-abused SD card it is all working as it should.

I am thinking my first Pi project is going to involve 12 volt RGB LED strip and getting the Pi to control the colour and most importantly being able to change the colour by remotely through some kind of client-server like setup. This said I do need to be careful I tried a similar project with an Ardunio and melted it as I used the wrong resistors as my pull downs. I don’t really want to melt my new toy before I can order a replacement…..

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