One stone

Well I got on the scales this morning after a weekend away and got a rather pleasant surprise they said 121.1 kilos (19 stone and 1 lb) so I fed this number into my magic spreadsheet and it churned out the result that my total weight loss is now over a stone! (Or to be more exact it is 6.7kg or 1 stone and 0.8 lbs)

This has made me a very happy bunny, of course I am using Tuesday as my weekly weigh in day, so it won’t count till tomorrow that said I am going to have to muck up lots today to muck this whole stone up!

I think the hardest bit has been turning down other people’s offers of KFC as it is something I love, but so far the motivation to lose weight is strong this time!

UPDATE: It’s now Tuesday so weigh day and yes it’s officially a whole stone in January!

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