The next station is….

Well sitting on the train which is a lovely bright one. I assume some have had a bit of an interior facelift, which is no bad thing.

The only issue is the automatic announcements first it played the correct the next station is Waterloo East, but then it also told us the next station is “fort tangy” I have no idea what it was actually trying to say but that’s not a station I’ve heard of before. I do want to know how these announcements are triggered as they really are being silly!

It gets better just left London Bridge and in we have had the following series of announcements;

The next station is Ladywell
The next station is Lenham
The next station is London Waterloo East

The Ladywell being correct well I hope it is. No announcement from the driver telling us to ignore the stupid automatic system though. I’ve heard one of the drivers announce it broken before so assume it gets announced in their cab, but I think it must be time for another letter to Southeastern. I’ve already confirmed to one person that this is really a Hayes train.

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