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It’s worrying when

Every morning I tend to get to the station in good time for my 0738 train, but it does worry me it seems without fail they announce the 0735 train to Hayes and that it will be 4 carriages long. … Continue reading

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msiexec /x {ProductCode} doesn’t work

I’ve been having a fun week at work fighting bits of software and one bit required the removal of a Microsoft SQL Native Client. I first tried to do this using “msiexec /x {ProductCode}” and got “This action is only … Continue reading

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Pass either side for same destination

This is one that really bugs me….     Why is this sign so often used incorrectly? If I can go one side of a traffic island for direction x and the other side for direction y it surely is … Continue reading

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More Cameras

Okay in something I’ve never though I’d suggest I want to see more traffic cameras on the road. Tonight going North towards the Blackwell tunnel I witnessed multiple vehicles just ignoring go no further in this lane red crosses. Hence … Continue reading

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The next station is….

Well sitting on the train which is a lovely bright one. I assume some have had a bit of an interior facelift, which is no bad thing. The only issue is the automatic announcements first it played the correct the … Continue reading

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On the tube

Just a quick test on writing with no signal on my mobile! Looking hopeful so far! I’ll be able to complain when the tube is all broken as well soon. That said I really should get back on a Borris … Continue reading

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Moved Host

Well I moved the host of my blog time for a fresh start. As I was doing better at writing things it can’t all be bad!

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